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The Connoisseur Gallery

Junius Allen
Lance Balderson
Frank Bensing
Johann Berthelsen
Louis L. Betts
Daniel F. Bigelow
Alfred Birdsey
Olive Parker Black
Susan Blubaugh
Franz Bueb
Jo A. Cantine
Thomas Chambers
William Henry Chandler
Lilian Cheviot
Eliot Candee Clark
Frederick E. Crane
Arthur Deihl
John K. Dillion
JM Dodds
Raoul Dufy
Benjamin Eggleston
Edna Palmer Engelhardt
George E. Ezzig
Henry Farrer
Frank Wayland Fellows
Leslie Fliegel
Arthur B. Frost
Donna Grande
Emile Gruppe
William M. Hale
W.F. Harn
Peter Hayward
Harry L. Hoffman
Thomas Hill

Estate of Lee W. Hughes

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K. Pecaia-Huzku Jiiampu
David Wu Ject-Key
William S. Jewett
Charles W. Knapp
James Knox
Adolf Konrad
June Kranser
August Laux
Edmund Darch Lewis
Robert Bruce MacDougal
Domenico Manfredi
Joseph Margulies
Giovanni Martino
George H. McCord
James McGinley
Antal Neogrady
Theodore Pine

Tracy Pollock
Henry R. Poore
Umberto Romano
Jack Manley Rose
Harry H. Roseland
Harry Leith Ross
Nick Savides
Carl Sigurd Schon
Maxwell Stewart Simpson
Albert Delmont Smith
Ernest Browning Smith
John Christopher Smith
Xanthus Smith
Bertha Souder


William Lester Stevens
Anthony Thieme
Bayard Tyler
James G. Tyler
Manuel Tejero
Anna Wainright
Harold C. Wolcott
Robert A. Waltsak
Camelia Whitehurst
Otto C. Wigand
Guy Wiggins
Frederick B. Williams
Louis Wolchonok
S. Yan Lik
Rhoda Yanow
E. Zampighi

Unsigned Works,
Unreadable Signatures


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